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Medications Available at our clinic

For your convenience, we can now dispense a limited and focused selection of medications directly to our patients for use in case of acute illness - when time may be of the essence in starting therapy.


Should you require such treatment, this option allows you to leave our clinic with medication "in hand," saving you the time and trouble of a trip to a pharmacy on your way home.


This option does have several limitations and restrictions:

  • Patients insured by Medicaid are not allowed to purchase medication directly from providers. 

  • We cannot bill your insurance for these medications; you must pay cash prior to your departure. 

  • You may be able to apply on your own for reimbursement from your insurer, but coverage will vary by carrier.

  • We do not stock or sell controlled substances of any kind.

  • We do not provide refills. This will have to be done at your local pharmacy.

To be clear, you are NOT required to purchase these few available medications from us. This is a service we provide for convenience and clincal expedience, not for profit.​

For your convenience you can also request medication refills through our patient portal. Please click here to be redirected to sign up for our portal on the Home page of our website.

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