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Mission Statement 


Wheat Ridge Internal Medicine is committed to delivering consistent, high-quality primary medical care and customer service. We are committed to treating our patients, clinical partners, vendors, and each other in a manner reflecting traditional values of trust, integrity, discretion, good fiscal stewardship, and respect for the dignity of every individual with whom we interact. We cultivate good health in all ways, and strive always to deliver care of the quality and nature we expect for ourselves and our own family members.

Our Practice

Wheat Ridge Internal Medicine's clinicians are among the best in Colorado, with the experience and skill to provide outstanding comprehensive health services - from preventative care, thru the diagnosis and management of chronic diseases, to urgent treatment of more acute illnesses. As a patient, you benefit from our expertise at providing both the primary management of your health and wellness concerns, as well as the referral to and coordination with any specialist care or outside services you may need.

Our Operational    Philosophy - Care Teams


Our practice is determined to provide you with the best possible health outcomes that we can achieve.


To that end, we have created a system of Care Teams.


Care Teams are groups of our clinicians, who work collaboratively to provide you with the best care.


Our Care Teams blend multidisciplinary skills and focus on several clinicians' insights regarding each patient's situation, rather than relying on a single opinion, fund of knowledge, or scope of experience. Your care team will work closely with you as an individual, to assure you receive exceptional medical care, without exception.

Each of the Care Teams is led by a physician - either Dr. W. Scott. Allan or Dr. Stanton Elzi - and the teams are currently designated as follows:

                                    Dr. W. Scott Allan, MD                  Dr. Stanton Elzi, MD

                                    Dr. David Hager, MD                     Dr. Steve Krebs, MD

                                    Melissa Fountain, PA-C                Crystal Culbert PA-C 

                                    Emily Piala, PA-C                          Sara Schmidt, NP

                                                                                 Sofi Abraham, NP

Moreover, we strongly feel that the best healthcare can be delivered to you when you see the same provider over the course of time. This helps reduce fragmentation of care and thus improves patient safety and quality of care. When you see the same provider, we are able to develop a relationship with you. When we know you as a whole person, we are better able to assess your needs and help develop plans for action. 

PFAC  - Patient Family Advisory Committee


At Wheat Ridge Internal Medicine, we take customer satisfaction and the opinions of our patients very seriously. Accordingly, we meet regularly with a group of our patients to learn how we can improve the patient experience at our practice. 

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