We offer a wide range of patient services including but not limited to:
  • General Health
  • Prevention & Wellness

  • Immunizations

  • Work/School/Travel Exams

  • Annual Wellness Visits

  • Annual physicals

  • Minor Ambulatory Procedures

  • Dermatological services

  • Gynecological services

  • Orthopedic injections 

  • Women's Health

  • Chronic disease management

  • COPD & Asthma Care

  • Family Planning

  • Foot clinics / Toenail Trimming

  • Ear lavage

  • QuantFeron TB test- Gold is the new TB Test to replace the PPD with one simple blood draw with results in 2-3 days. You do not have to return to the clinic to have this test read. 

NEW PATIENT PAPERWORK .... located on homepage!

Paradigm Research, Inc. has been conducting clinical research studies for over 20 years in the pursuit of better medicine.  It’s our mission to promote the health and well-being of all people by providing the research to develop needed medicine’s for this, and future, generations.


Our website contains information for  physicians, sponsor companies and individuals interested in participating in clinical research studies. 


Paradigm Research, Inc. specializes in conducting research studies related to internal medicine, women’s health, asthma and allergies, pulmonology, ophthalmology, dermatology, gastroenterology, and urology.


To learn more about Paradigm Research, Inc. please ask your provider or visit their website below.


To get more information on specific studies being conducted please visit our website:  www.paradigm-research.com